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Your cutting edge partner for ironclad recycling of all metals.


Recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals according to the rules of the craft, that’s what Waasland Recycling is all about.

Metal types

Waasland Recycling recycles a wide range of metals, always complying with applicable quality requirements and standards.


Service is paramount under all circumstances when dealing with Waasland Recycling. This applies to collection, processing and delivery of metals.

Indicative Metal prices

  • Red Copper € 3,60/kg
  • Yellow Copper € 2,20/kg
  • Aluminum € 0,60/kg
  • Electric cables € 1,20/kg
  • Zinc € 0,60/kg
  • Stainless steel € 0,70/kg
  • Bronze € 3,00 kg
  • Lead scrap € 0,90/kg
  • Iron / steel scrap € 0,17/kg

The prices for individuals are indicative and not binding